In these half day classes you will Discover the Greatness of Embodiment - You will receive the consciousness of communion with your body. You will find ways to change anything in your body that is not working for you?  Your Body is designed to give you an awareness of embodiment, to give you the awareness of the energy of the world around you.  It has the ability to facilitate you to an awareness of greater embodiment.

Asking questions and choosing as the fullness of space can allow you to build a communion with your body, life and reality.  With functioning as this capacity, you open the doors to infinite possibilities.  Most of the pain people experience is their bodies is an awareness their body is giving them that they are unwilling to hear that they have contracted not expanded as the fullness of space. Your body is a sensory, organism that is constantly giving you information. Your body wants to give you more awareness of the energy of the world around you.

What if these awareness were a gift from your body?

What contribution can this awareness be to you and your body?

What contribution can your body be to your life, living and reality?

There are over 50 Body processes that anyone can  learn with ease:-

If you would like to learn all 50 Body Processes join my weekly Body Process Class, let's create some change together for you and your body. 

Energetic Facelift - Beyond Botox


Correcting Vision

Zero Sum of Trauma

Cellular Memory

.... and many more

Please email me for a complete list of dates and times for the above classes and more.....