Referral notes and Feedback from previous clients.

Below are a few words from some of the amazing people I have been priviledged to be in contact with over time.  What a blessing to see how you can empower yourself when you set your heart on it.  Each one has gone on a journey of self discovery, regaining in clarity all that was already within ..... isn't Life Wonderful!

Visiting my previous life and the spiritual realm between lives, has been a profound, mind-opening experience. Through a journey of spiritual discovery, the regression helped me reveal inner wisdom, bring to conscious light innate feelings and it has provided the context within which I could understand much better the meaning underlying life's events. For me, this has been that line connecting the dots, resulting in a more clear and whole picture of my-self. – Chris REGRESSON 

Thanks Samantha for your contribution to my development and achievement of my goals  - I really enjoyed working with you, and enjoyed the journey immensely. Keep up the great work. – AH COACHING 

When I first went to see Samantha, I didn’t quite know what to expect but from the moment I arrived she made me feel at ease and the energy that filled the room was immediately healing and calming. I was able to tell her in confidence why I was there and what was troubling me and the intuitive comments from her, were both enlightening and helped put things in perspective for me as well as rapidly pinpointing the areas in my life that needed attention. I have now completed three sessions with Samantha, each session assisting me to move closer and closer to my essence of self and very importantly, living in the present. I feel that the sessions have commanded both commitment and complete honesty from me, and I have been encouraged to do so by Samantha. I feel I still have some way to go but I’m confident about getting there. Samantha is very intuitive but also non-judgemental and very kind. And so many things about my life have come to surface that I never even considered before. I feel that I really have benefited from my time with Samantha and look forward to getting to know myself better and working on loving myself completely over the next few sessions. I am so happy that I did not delay in getting in touch with Samantha. It’s the very best thing I could have done!   Love and Light.  – JL COACHING

 I have been extremely interested, almost fixated, in growing both my understanding of my soul as well as the soul itself.  Initially I found that I could do this through Christianity which I pursued with passion and purpose but after 20 years of participating actively I realised that I had grown as far as I was going to within the more structured environment.  Unfortunately I found that there are not many places or people that can assist me in growing my soul outside of the normally accepted routes.  After looking around for over 5 years its been wonderful to find someone who could assist me, someone with honour and integrity, who is able to meet me where I feel comfortable and take me forward from there.  Working with Samantha has given me a wonderful experience, I have been able to connect with my soul and tap into the reality of my purpose and personality.  This has been doubly fantastic as Samantha is immensely easy to work with and is thoroughly enjoyable in her approach. - PF 

 Through the tapping I released a lot of blocked and negative energies and anxieties within my body and especially within my solar plexus.  The feelings of weakness I experienced before was transformed into empowerment.  I had a big challenge I had to face the next day and was able to handle it with more confidence and strength.  Tapping has truly given me strength, thank you Samantha for allowing me to experience such healing through the tapping you performed on me.  As soon as I feel stressed or unbalanced, I simply apply the techniques you have shown me and immediately I am back into the positive and calm energy I felt while you worked on me. Kindest regards - ML 

 Dear Samantha,     On my journey to self discovery I have been tremendously blessed to be able to work with you and share these intimate moments. Since I started my life coaching course just over a month ago, I have gone from strength to strength, guided and encouraged by you.   Thank you so much for your kind encouragement steering and guiding me to find my true self and discovering abilities I never knew existed.   My wish is for you to be richly blessed and rewarded in doing your wonderful supportive work.

 Kind Regards, H F - COACHING