Life Coach Training & Basic Coaching Skills

Our Life Coach Training Course teaches you coaching skills to use in your current business or to create your own Coaching practice as a professional Coach.

Live Training in Fourways/Sandton, Gauteng and Distance learning over skype, National and International courses are available...

 Life Coach Training...

gives you the skill and knowing to become a powerful Communicator, Guide and Facilitator to anyone searching for a new way of Life, a New Way Of Living and Greater Possibilities!

 Inspiration Success Challenges Goals Planning Action Health Teambuilding Motivation Energy Wealth Achievement Joy Aspiration Beauty Wholeness Peace Destination

Why I Samantha Lewis, became a life Coach....  I had reached a point in my life where I wanted to let go of the obstacles, limitations and fears that kept me bound to a life of routine and sameness. I had completed many skill development and metaphysical courses. I started searching for something that would tie everything I had discovered together,to offer people a fully empowering supportive solution to their life challenges. Coaching had everything I was looking for and more, not only did I experience huge personal transformation while in training, I now have the tools to support others in creating the same.  I see miracles taking place everyday.  Come train with me, become a Conscious Coach  by completing the ILS Coaching Course, and bring more consciousness to the world. I started my coaching practice from home in Randburg, South Africa during 2006, I run a  Corporate Wellness, Access Consciousness business, my enjoyment of people and a target to make a difference in the world, combined with the skill of coaching has brought joy & happiness to my life.   Everyone can benefit from learning Coaching skills, life coaching is not only for professionals it's for mom's, dad's, teacher's, students, anyone with the desire to create more in their life.

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2 Day Coach Skills Training

Coach 101 Skills Class

This is the perfect introduction to coaching skill and structure. 

Anyone who would like to improve their communication and enhance their communicating skills will benefit from attending this 2 Day Class.

This 2-day class covers all the founding principles of life coaching as well as the awareness of what consciousness is and isnt, you will have the knowing to take these skills into your own world. Whether you use it at work or at home, with yourself or with others, what you learn on this weekend will change the way your life works..

You will discover:

  • A professional structure for holding a Conscious coaching conversation anywhere anytime
  • Solution focused thinking and Conscious communication skills
  • Trust and rapport building skills
  • Questions that change lives to open minds and create positive change
  • Coaching Wheel/Coaching Kite

In 2 Days you will receive the ability to speak & listen like a professional coach.  The art of having a solution focused conversation will enhance your life, your career and your relationships. You will also recieve a Certificate of Attendance.

Which counts towards the Full ILS Coach Qualification should you wis to take that next step.

Master Coach Qualified Training 

(ICF Accredited)


After completing the 2 Day Classes, Coach 101, attending the Coach Training Modules below is your next step to becoming qualified

Classes take place on a saturday morning 9:30am - 12:30 midday.and 2 x full 1 day Seminars, that are held on a Saturday.

Classes are held in Fourways/Sandton, or at your Training Venue whichever works well for you.COACHING TRAINING MODULES:-

1: Dream Discovery and Intention Setting (GOALS)

2: Where to Go from Here (PLANNING)

3: How to move consciously through the challenges (OBSTACLES)

4: Purpose, Direction and Priority (PURPOSE)

5: Conscious Action and Passion (ACTION)

6: Living & Being a Conscious Coach


Your ticket to Qualify as Master Coach.

Each Module is 2 Full Days - Weekend Classes